Auditions – Robin Hood – February 2020

Audition to be in the next Cof4 production!

The Company of Four always offers open auditions for their future productions and we welcome new talent! Our next production is a fantastic Pantomime ROBIN HOOD and if you can act, sing, dance or take a pie to the face, we encourage you to attend one of our auditions.

The full cast and principle roles are detailed below, together with audition dates, so hopefully one of these roles will suit you!


SINGERS (required to attend Singing Audition prior to Script Audition)

Robin Hood – (F) Traditional Principal boy – Outlaw and Hero
Maid Marian – (F) Traditional Principal Girl – A beautiful Maiden
Nurse Nellie Needles – (M) The Dame – Marian’s Nanny & Companion
Sheriff of Nottingham – (M) The slimiest, nastiest, ‘baddest’ Baddie of all time!
Tessie Tuck – (F) Friar Tuck’s no-nonsense sister
Olivia Owl – (F) A Puppet Owl. The narrator of our story. Puppeteer with strong voice acting/singing skills. A great opportunity to try something different!
The Minstrel – (M/F) opens the show – can double as Outlaw

The Audition Song is ‘YOU TO ME ARE EVERYTHING’ please email for a copy of the music and track


GROUP SINGERS (not required to attend Singing Audition before Script Audition)

The Two Babes – (M/F) 2 young children (Babes will be required to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ at their script audition)
Ruff – (M/F but for story purposes playing M) Useless, lazy Henchman/Guard to the Sheriff
Redy – (M/F but for story purposes playing M) Useless Henchman/Guard, but not quite as useless or lazy as Ruff
Little John – (M preferably) A tall outlaw & Robin’s best friend • Allan-A-Dale/Ellen-A-Dale – (M/F) An outlaw
Will Scarlet/Jill Scarlet (M/F) – Another outlaw MINOR SPEAKING ROLES (To be cast from Dance Groups once rehearsals have started)
Sheriff’s Guards x 3 roles (M/F)
Yodel Delivery Driver (M/F)
Townsfolk (M/F)
Daddy, Mummy & Baby Bear (M/F/Child)

Sun 27th October – Grundisburgh Village Hall

Dance Auditions (additional dance auditions will be held on 3rd November)

  • 10am Juniors
  • 10.45am Junior Dancers & Senior Dancers
  • 11.30am Ballet
  • 12pm Chorus & Principals

Script Auditions

  • 1pm Babes (under 12s)
  • 2pm Principals Script Read Thru

Tuesday 29th October – (Fred Reynolds Centre, IP12 4UU)

Singing Auditions

  • 7pm – 10pm – Principals
    Start with Olivia Owl, then Tessie, then Minstrel, Sheriff, Dame and finishing with Robin & Marian

Friday 1st November 2019 – (Fred Reynolds Centre, IP12 4UU)

Script Auditions

  • 7pm – 10pm – All characters (except Babes)

Sunday 3rd November 2019 – Grundisburgh Village Hall

Dance & Script Auditions

  • 10am – Dance auditions (for anyone not able to make 27th October)
  • 11am – Principal Script Auditions (Call back)

Production Team

  • Director Paul Leech
  • Asst Director Mary Leech
  • Producer Penny Davies
  • Script Allan Rogers
  • Musical Director Jo King [Asst by Sue Double]
  • Stage Manager Adam Thorpe
  • Costumes Stella Mitchell


  • Juniors Lena Hoggarth
  • Junior Dancers Michelle Steward
  • Senior Dancers Lisa Dersley
  • Chorus Stella Mitchell
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